CollectIUS is a telematic platform for research, discussion and filing of law, and is the final result of an innovation project developed by the Padua University. CollectIUS is the outcome of a collaboration between the Methodology and Legal Informatics course and Onireon, an ICT business consultancy company based in Treviso. CollectIUS was born with the purpose of developing, in the form of a pragmatically structured and operational platform, a new and very peculiar point of view on the relationship between law systems and computational systems.


it is a research platform for legal argumentations

that allows selecting resilient arguments suitable to handle the debate and devoted to the solution of critical cases

it is an open and dialectic discussion space

where a check of the arguments and objections raised by the members takes place, and where legal issues are deepened likewise in a trial, contributing to argumentative strategies and the legal issues explanation within a challenging environment

it is a law discussed-case database

shaped in an interactive way as noted collection suitable to a real case application, useful to constitute a customized “repertoire” of selected arguments ready to further debates



Within the search area, a complex artificial intelligence system grows every day, serving the users match requests, taking into account not only the restrictively inputted textual parameter, but also and especially other conditioning parameters stored in the CollectIUS database.


The core for the generation of information is the CollectIUS discuss function and its data entry system, in which the contributions of each active user contribute to develop each "Workflow", consisting of structured information flows which include logical-relational pseudo-ontological connectors.


The collect function consists of a collection of personal and customizable arguments, stored freely; its aim is to enable the creation of true digital endoxa, capable of collectively affect the individual rating and the sorting of the output results produced by the search engine.